Thursday, July 16, 2009

Unofficial meeting with Dean Sastry

Audio from the unofficial meeting with Dean Sastry.
(duration: 1 hour)

Pre-meeting 1pm 6101 Etcheverry Hall


In advance of a 2:30pm meeting with the Dean please join me in a short organizational meeting at 1:00 pm sharp in the "Tien Room" 6101 Etcheverry Hall. The Tien Room is on south-side of the 6th floor of Etcheverry Hall.

We will discuss the CoE announcement regarding CUES and prepare questions for the 2:30pm meeting with Dean Sastry.

Hopefully this will be the first of several meetings with the Dean especially since this one was called with less than 24-hour notice.

Meeting with the Dean July 16th


The Dean called a meeting with student leaders for today at 2:30 pm. Unfortunately, this is too short of a notice for most of the concerned parties to attend the meeting. Please look for an email calling for a 1:00 pm meeting somewhere on campus to have a unified message before meeting with the Dean.

Thank you.

Concerned Alumni of CUES

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

How has CUES impacted your career at UC Berkeley?

If you have benefited from CUES, please help us fill out this form:

UC Berkeley College of Engineering Eliminiates Diversity Program

The goal of the Center for Underrepresented Engineering Students (CUES) is to help UC Berkeley recruit and retain the brightest students of color (both undergraduate and graduate).

It was stated recently that CUES will be eliminated and "absorbed" by a new center (Engineering Student Services). Below is a letter received by future ex-employees of a program called "Summer 2009 Pre-Engineering Program (PREP aka Bootcamp)". This program is for underrepresented incoming engineering freshmen with the goal of helping them acclimate to their new environment and assure retention.

Please help in making sure UC Berkeley keeps diversity a top priority as they have done in the past. Please send to your network, it takes two seconds of your time.

Top priorities:
- Draft a letter to the Dean of College of Engineering explaining the mistake COE is making
- I'm a Latino, so things have to be loud. Make sure media outlets are aware of the issue (Univision, NBC, Telemundo, Fox, ABC)
- Someone to take charge of this movement (I'm studying for my qualifying exam and I need to focus, but I wanted to start the movement)

The letter received by the summer program instructors/RAs:
Dear Instructors and RA’s,

We regret to inform you that the Summer 2009 Pre-Engineering Program (PREP aka Bootcamp) has been cancelled. We apologize for the timing and for any inconvenience this may cause.

The College of Engineering has announced that as of July 1, 2009, the Engineering Student Affairs Office and the Center for Underrepresented Engineering Students (CUES) will be integrated into a new organization, Engineering Student Services (ESS), reporting to incoming Executive Associate Dean Masayoshi Tomizuka. Yesterday, we were formally notified that our appointments as Academic Coordinators in the College will end in September.